ADDCN at a Glance


In pluralistic democracy, people come first. Local authorities are immediate governing institutions of people. Local authorities need to be empowered through appropriate devolution of authority in true spirit of decentralization, so that they themselves can effectively plan, coordinate, respond to popular needs/ aspirations and deliver goods and services also. Unless local authorities themselves are made capable and empowered, people-centered/owned development initiatives and democratization processes lag behind. To attain these ideals, local authorities also need to act in concert by sharing common interests, problems, lessons, visions and perspectives. So, ADDC/N is also created to learn, to share, to be heard and also to be responded in the total context of decentralization and local self-governance in Nepal. To fulfill these tasks and ideals a professionally sound and committed organization was required to furnish professional services to all DDCs in matters of local governance and development. As individual DDCs at present state of limited resource availability cannot afford such services, a collective effort was initiated to this direction. ADDC/N is also an outcome of this initiation.